Lemon Tree Passage Road
Tanilba Bay
Club House P: (02) 4982 3215

Course Layout

  • Hole 1.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 323 m 15
    Ladies 4 310 m 5

    A 335m (L 261m) par 4 dogleg right with a creek left running the length of the hole. Try to avoid the trees to the right because if you are in them you are probably going to have to take your medicine and chip out. The approach shot is to a medium sized greenthat is protected by a bunker on the right.

  • Hole 2.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 352 m 6
    Ladies 4 323 m 7

    A 369m (L 323m) straight par 4 with a well bunkered green. Avoid the unforgiving trees to the left.

  • Hole 3.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 5 471 m 8
    Ladies 5 401 m 3

    A 485m (L 409m) par 5 dogleg left with a creek 140m in front of the men's tee and 65m from the ladies. Stay to the right of the fairway for the best approach to the green. Be aware of the large green side bunker left on your approach shot to this fast green that is hard to hold.

  • Hole 4.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 3 144 m 17
    Ladies 3 140 m 16

    A 152m (L 140m) par 3 with a large soft green protected by a left side bunker.Not to be taken lightly with trees to right and left. Smile if you make a 3!!

  • Hole 5.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 346 m 4
    Ladies 4 295 m 13

    A 358m (L295m) par 4 dogleg right with a hungry creek right across the fairway 240m from the men's tee and 175m from the ladies. Stay left for best approach to this large elevated soft green protected by a bunker on the right. Overshooting the green makes for an interesting return shot.

  • Hole 6.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 376 m 3
    Ladies 4 356 m 1

    A 403m (L 356) par 4 dogleg left hole with a drain angling through it 120m from the men's tee and 70m from the ladies opening up to a wide fairway. Keep your drive straight to avoid fairway bunkers to the left and trees to the right. The approach shot is to a large elevated green that doesn't allow too many shots to roll up onto it.

  • Hole 7.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 3 174 m 14
    Ladies 3 169 m 15

    A 186m (L 169m) par 3 with an angling creek 70m from the men's tee. Watch out for the large bunker to the left and mounds right. Beware going over the back of this green as the chip back is not easy onto a downward sloping green. Tricky putting here.

  • Hole 8.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 5 450 m 10
    Ladies 5 378 m 9

    A 476m (L372m) par 5 again with the creek 160m from the men's tee and 55m from the ladies. The fairway is straight most of the way veering to the right to the tucked away green with a large and deep greenside bunker right. Keep left of the fairway to avoid the troublesome trees to the right.

  • Hole 9.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 357 m 5
    Ladies 5 348 m 11

    A 371m (L 353m) par 4 dogleg left. There is a deep and wide creek crossing the fairway 85m past the 150m marker. A second shot lay up or a shoot for the large fast green protected by a bunker left and mounds to the right. Try not to over run the green as the return chip is challenging.

  • Hole 10.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 327 m 7
    Ladies 4 261 m 8

    Out of Bounds to the left, but left hand side of the fairway gives you the best approach shot into the green, the big hitters should expect around a 90 metre shot for there second and those that can’t hit as far should plan for their third shot to be played from here, tough starting hole so warm up before taking it on..

  • Hole 11.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 3 127 m 18
    Ladies 3 117 m 17

    Must hit the green Par 3 , trouble short and long so most golfers should aim for the left edge of the green if you have the power to hit a high 9 iron or PW then attack the pin and shoot for birdie.

  • Hole 12.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 5 430 m 12
    Ladies 5 426 m 2

    Long Par 5 for most, if you have the power take on the corner off the tee but pull up short of the dam and you can get home for 2, my advice play within yourself and keep it straight use your 3 shots to get on or near the green and hope for some short game magic.

  • Hole 13.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 355 m 2
    Ladies 4 287 m 12

    Difficult green to hit this one , trick is to come in high with spin so try and make your approach shot between 130metres to 70 metres and keep out of those bunkers guarding the front.

  • Hole 14.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 285 m 11
    Ladies 4 283 m 14

    A short par 4 but don't take it lightly. There is a large lateral water hazard on the left that encroaches the fairway that is 165M from the tee block. Good course management generally rewards golfers of all levels on this hole and the green if protected at the front left by a bunker and the green is another of the couch greens that can be difficult to hold a ball on. The safe option is generally to play short of the hole and run it up. There is a large tier that runs through the middle of the green and it pays to check the marker on the flag to identify a front or back position for the approach shot.

  • Hole 15.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 293 m 9
    Ladies 4 288 m 6

    The only hill on the course and the fairway has a dogleg to the right and slopes away both sides to trees and rough. The hole favours the golfer that can work a ball either way or high and is again not long but can cause harm for an errand tee shot. The green is large and fast with a deep bunker to the left and large slope immediately off of the right.

  • Hole 16.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 4 362 m 1
    Ladies 5 353 m 10

    Arguably the toughest hole on the course. The creek that runs through the fairway is 195m from the blue markers and 180m from the ladies. This hole plays especially long and the better option is stay left to avoid unfavourable lies in the rough. The green is relatively large but the undulations in the green can take the ball away from it's intended finishing spot.

  • Hole 17.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 5 126 m 16
    Ladies 4 300 m 4

    A short length Par 5 which is straight and open with a lateral water hazard 310m from the green that doesn't really come into play unless you mishit your second shot. The green is protected to the front by a small water hazard and it is generally safer to stay right and the green is smooth surface and large enough to hold a long bomb second shot.

  • Hole 18.

    Par Distance Index
    Mens 3 156 m 13
    Ladies 3 110 m 18

    A long Par 3 with a postage stamp green protected on all the left and right by bunkers. Plenty of danger lurks around the bunkers and is especially difficult in the wrong wind conditions.